Goals for a practicum experience

This task requires me to set goals for an upcoming practicum.

Goal 1: Be organised

Actions I will take to achieve the goal:

  • Have some stand alone lesson plans ready before the practicum
  • Find out unit themes so I can begin learning content and planning lessons before the practicum
  • Fill out lesson plans thoroughly and discuss them with the associate teacher prior to teaching
  • Know the weekly practicum requirements/tasks and plan to achieve them
  • Keep an organised and up-to-date file

Indicators I have achieved the goal:

  • I used some of the stand alone lesson plans I prepared for the practicum
  • I knew the unit themes and began learning content before the practicum began
  • Most lessons followed the planned structure and achieved their aims, where they did not, lessons were evaluated and reflected on so changes could be made
  • Weekly practicum requirements and tasks were achieved
  • Evidence of learning was gathered and kept in a file

Goal 2: Plan preventative and intervention behaviour management strategies

Actions I will take to achieve the goal:

  • Know key behaviour management theories, summarise them and plan for how I will use them in the classroom
  • Reflect on the implementation of behaviour management strategies
  • Plan for an organised classroom through organising the physical environment and outlining clear behaviour standards, routines and procedures
  • Plan for effective communication

Indicators I have achieved the goal:

  • Theories used were summarised and made into models for teaching and learning
  • Implementation of the models used were reflected on
  • I reflected on how organisation of the physical environment, clear behaviour standards, routines and procedures helped my teaching
  • I reflected on how my communication skills helped build quality relationships

Goal 3: Achieve quality curriculum and instruction

Actions I will take to achieve the goal:

  • Plan developmentally appropriate lessons
  • Plan for diverse learners
  • Make lessons relevant to the curriculum, interesting and achievable
  • Make learning goals explicit

Indicators I have achieved the goal:

  • Students were able to understand the lesson content
  • All students achieved success
  • Lessons were relevant to the curriculum, interesting and achievable
  • Goals were frequently made explicit

Other aims for this professional experience:

I want to continue getting my head around the school environment because I feel most of my knowledge comes from books, not from practice. I want to gain proficiency and confidence teaching literacy and numeracy to younger students because a lot of my focus to date has been on older students. I believe in the benefits of teaching multiliteracies, critical literacy and allowing students to have some control over their learning so I want to put these theories into practice where possible during the practicum. I want to build quality relationships with staff and students and learn/contribute as much as possible during my time at the school.


About kleverklucid

I have a Master of Teaching (Primary) and as a result of this degree I have broad knowledge of the contexts, theories and politics of teaching and curriculum areas including mathematics and numeracy, English and literacy, science and technology, society and its environment, creative arts, physical education, indigenous and inclusive education. Another passion of mine is writing - a valid form of teaching and learning through words. I grew up in Adelaide and developed a passion for politics in high school. I began an arts degree in Hobart where I studied politics, journalism, psychology and women’s studies. I moved to Melbourne and completed an arts (media) degree majoring in television production and cinema studies. I also did honours in media (communications) and completed a project and thesis on immersion journalism. I have a broad knowledge of media industries including digital media, advertising, professional writing, filmmaking and television production, journalism and news reporting.
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